Rosy Mondin

Executive Director, Cannabis Trade Alliance of Canada &, President & CEO, Quadron Cannatech Corporation

As President and CEO of Quadron Cannatech and leading advocate for the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada, Rosy is at the forefront of emerging cannabis industry and policy. With over 16 years of legal and entrepreneurial experience, Rosy has launched and managed public companies as well as start-ups and has held executive positions including General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer for real estate and venture capital companies. Specializing in corporate law and regulatory affairs, Rosy has served as strategic advisor for companies involved in the processing, distribution, and safe use of medical cannabis. In 2014, she founded Soma Labs Scientific which in 2016, amalgamated to form Quadron Cannatech Corporation of which she is now President and CEO.

Quadron focuses on ancillary equipment, products, and services for the authorized cannabis industry by providing a full array of end to end extraction and processing solutions including sales of alternative end user delivery options for recreational and medical consumers. In addition to her role with Quadron, Ms. Mondin is the Executive Director for the Cannabis Trade Alliance of Canada (CTAC) and also serves as Special Advisor to the Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries (CAMCD). In her role with CTAC, Rosy is committed to working with industry leaders, government legislators and educators to develop an inclusive, safe, and ethical cannabis industry. Under Rosy’s leadership and direct involvement, CTAC actively participated in the extensive consultation process undertaken by the Canadian Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation in 2016. CTAC is cited several times in the final report and many of its recommendations were adopted.

Ms. Mondin’s credibility within government, advocacy, education, and business circles has earned her a solid reputation as an entrepreneurial leader, special advisor, and legislative authority in the cannabis space. Rosy has been interviewed by the CBC, Globe and Mail and Lift Magazine and has served as guest speaker for the Lift Cannabis Expo, SFU’s Public Lecture Series on Understanding Medical Marijuana, the Cannabis Business Leadership Forum, and was invited to present to the Pacific Caucus of BC MP’s.

As the legal cannabis industry gains traction in Canada, and around the world, Rosy is excited to be on the cusp of this new, fast-growing industry