Raf Souccar

President and CEO, Aleafia Total Health Network

Raf Souccar served the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for 34 years in progressively senior roles, retiring as Deputy Commissioner of Federal and International Policing. Among his many responsibilities, Raf was responsible for drugs and organized crime enforcement, national security, counter terrorism and the Prime Minister’s security. Since 2004, Raf has emerged as a leading expert on cannabis legalization through his global travel and study of foreign public policy measures, and his counsel provided to successive Ministers of Justice. In 2016, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appointed Raf to the federal government’s nine-member Marijuana Legalization Task Force, which provided a final set of public recommendations on legalization.

Raf is currently the President and CEO of Aleafia Total Health Network that delivers holistic opioid free treatment options, including cannabis therapy, to achieve optimum recovery, minimizing illness and injury’s cumulative effects.