Nadine Wentzell

Workplace Drug and Alcohol Consultant, Nadine Wentzell Consulting

Nadine Wentzell is a Workplace Drug and Alcohol Consultant with over 25 years’ experience addressing the health and safety risks of substance abuse in the workplace. She is a pharmacist,
consultant, educator, facilitator, speaker, and author.

Nadine has worked as a Narcotic Inspector with Health Canada, taught in the Drug Investigative Techniques (DIT) course at the Canadian Police College in Ottawa, has instructed and worked
with various regulatory and enforcement bodies and has conducted investigations at every level across the country. She is a frequent speaker at provincial and national safety conferences, and is integrally involved and has provided Accredited Continuing Education programs to medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and nursing health care practitioners. 

Nadine was recently invited to speak as a panelist representing Canada at the US Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association annual conference and shared the stage with representatives from Chile, Brazil, Spain, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. She has just returned from the International Forum on Drug and Alcohol Testing conference attended by industry leaders from across the globe.

Nadine has expertise in policy development, supervisor training, employee education, and auditing for compliance and effectiveness. These programs are customized and specific to each client, based on work environments and safety risks. She works with small, medium and large unionized and non-unionized companies across the country and internationally.

Nadine’s focus is on fostering culture change to achieve the ultimate goal of safe workplaces and healthy people.